Are you tired of letting your emotions destroy your life, relationships and everything you hold dear?

Want to live a life free from Anger, Bitterness, Depression, Resentment, Unforgiveness & Addictions?

Want to live the life God has created you for?


When I got married to my husband years ago, I had what you would call an emotional roller coaster personality. I could be extremely excited one minute and jumping all over the place and the next minute, I become very angry and displeased. I had bad mood swings and it affected me without my knowing.

My emotions became the abattoir where my marriage was being slaughtered daily.

My journey to becoming stable with my emotions was tedious but absolutely worth it. I am completely whole and living my life as designed by God and I want to show you how you too can do the same.


An online program that helps you to close the back door on anger, bitterness, depression, resentment, unforgiveness, and addiction, etc.


Access to carefully curated modules and lessons to help you identify and work on your emotions

Worksheets & Templates to guide you in this new journey

An accountability and support group to help you stay accountable.

The best part is….IT IS ABSOLUTELEY FREE!


About Eno Jerry 

Eno Jerry is the Resident Pastor of the Refreshing Point, an expression of Streams of Joy International Church and Convener, Pastors’ Wives and Women in Ministry Conference. She is also the CEO/MD of Jeno Management Solutions, a Human Resource Firm.

She is the Author of  the bestseller “I Almost Ruined My Marriage” which has helped hundreds of people to transform their lives and relationships.

She has an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management and a Masters in International Human Resource Management from University of Greenwich London. She consults for companies and churches and she is a Resource and Conference Speaker on major platforms around Nigeria and across the World where she speaks to Women, Youths and on Relationships.

She has been married for over 10 years to Pastor Jerry Eze, Lead Pastor, Streams of Joy International and they have 2 beautiful children, Samara and Jerry.