I Almost Ruined My Marriage: My True Life Story

About the Book

My journey in the early years of marriage was quite painful and enduring. Nothing I knew seemed to make sense anymore. All the seemingly harmless habits I got away with in the course of my life as a single became a challenge in marriage. 

When you marry a near-perfect man like I did, your flaws become so glaring. The sad truth is that before I got married, I never considered these habits as flaws. Have you ever found yourself saying things like: “This is how I have always been and people accepted and liked me”? Have you also found yourself saying to your spouse, “Hey, you met me like this; why is this now a big deal”? Oh, I said this a thousand and one times. I just couldn’t understand how anyone will want me to change. Who I was had taken me so many years to become, so why was I supposed to change just because I got married. Hmmm, that was a difficult one for me to crack. 

In this book, I will be sharing my journey so far, what I had to learn in the process and who I have become through my experiences.

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“To pray for a prince charming, you need to be a princess beauty. The prince charming also has expectations of his bride and you need to fit that mould.” – {p. 2}

“Interestingly, for years, no one complained about my love for arguments. Instead, I got complimentary remarks like, “you should be a lawyer, Eno.” So, I carried on with this lifestyle, not thinking for a moment, that it would be a problem in the future”. – {p. 3}

“Who we are comes under a flourescent bulb once we get married; it is brought to the forefront and we have to face it and not pretend that it isn’t there or that we aren’t aware of it.”

“Our walk with God makes all the difference; nothing can be compared with knowing Jesus as our Lord and Saviour”

Review / Testimonials

I can’t stop crying. Eno’s book is emotionally gripping. The most sincere and engaging book I have read in a while. She needs to do a book tour. We need to make noise about this book. Kaiiiii. I just can’t stop crying . Homes will be healed. I am just crying. Even men will learn from it. Eno has blown me away.

Tara  Durotoye
CEo, house of tara int’l

The book is rich in marital lessons on various issues ranging from anger, bitterness, disrespect, bitterness to assumptions. The lessons are simple, honest and definitive. The book is a powerful arrow shot into the heart of militant feminism that is gradually gaining strong traction amongst young women today. With deep emphasis on “respect for” and “obedience to” the husband, it is a revalidation of the time-tested values that has built and sustained marriages over the years. The book comes highly recommended for both the single and married.

Chimaobi Ugoala

In a season of hyper packaging of facts and reality to appear perfect and flawless, a woman (the most unlikely gender) decides to bare it all. 
It becomes even more interesting when one follows the divorce trends which show the wives taking to the media to flaunt all the reasons why the marriage failed. Those tales are often told with two different brushes- the black, for the antagonist(husband) and the golden brush for the protagonist (wife). These “best seller” tales keep us all glued to the notion that marriage is getting outdated, more gruesome and certainly a fully militarized war zone! The television series on our choice stations do not help the situation either. But God is always causing light to shine out of darkness- exactly what this book is! 

Pst. Magistrate Uguru Eme Uguru

My friend in Aba who I knew needed your book asked for it and eventuallygot it. She is done with the book and she hasn’t stopped blaming herself for virtually
everything negative happening in her marriage.
Before now, I keep talking to her especially in the area of anger and assumption, but thank God your book has eventually done it. The book is bringing healing in marriages and I bless God for everything. I also appreciate you for the courage to write all that. Not everyone would. Remain blessed ma.


Thank you for the Book. It spelt me out in so many ways. After reading it yesterday,  I cried so much and I have forgiven myself and everyone. I am certain ma that my marriage will not remain the same henceforth.

Oge Ngwu

There is this nurse where I work I know has been having issues with her husband. I know she is difficult too so I gave her one of the books I bought. She sent me a text tonight and was like “Doc, it worked” And I replied her “What worked”, and she said “The book. her read it and things changed, he said he never knew he was wrong till he read it and things changed, till I see you”. That is in her own words. Thanks for being such a huge blessing. God bless you.

Dr. Lasbrey

Chai!! I can’t help but cry over the mistakes I have done in the past and still doing in my relationships, people I let go because of my pride and anger. This is such an inspirational book

Nwankanma Jane