The Proverbs 31 Woman Book

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A capable, intelligent and virtuous woman – who can find her?

I have always wondered how anyone could have all the virtues and qualities as detailed in the book of Proverbs 31.

This woman seems to have everything all under control; she’s a great wife, mother, she manages her home, she owns businesses, she cooks, she sews and the list goes on. What she doesn’t seem to do is get tired.

Our society most of the time portrays womanhood as weak, feeble, unintelligent, naïve about financial matters, vain, clueless and the list goes on, but the Bible describes exactly the opposite. This woman is an embodiment of inner strength, beauty, and brains, responsible and accountable, dependable, supportive, excellent, understanding, wise, prudent, frugal etcetera.

In 2019, I started an online journey with thousands of women called “The Proverbs 31 Woman Challenge”. This book was birthed as an aftermath of the challenge and comes from the place of intentionality and prayers towards becoming the Proverbs 31 Woman. I want to reassure you that you can become the Proverbs 31 Woman and even more!

This book is a practical guide with daily activities to help you become a Virtuous Woman.

Quotes from the Book

“The first secret of the Proverbs 31 Woman was that she was powerful. It wasn’t that her voice was strong or that she looked strong and acted strong. It wasn’t that she was authoritative, rather her secret came from her secret place”.

“Before a woman can successfully be all of these, she must be a woman that is vulnerable in the hands of God”.

“Her speech helps and cheers the listeners. Her words are encouraging and educational. When people listen to her, they learn a thing or two. No idle word proceeds out of her mouth. If the Proverbs 31 woman was to be talked about or written about in today’s times, we would have read that she is too busy for gossip on social media platforms, in the salons, at home, or at work. As virtuous women, we need to give no time to idle chatter, gossip, and unproductive watching of Television and social media”.

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What Our Clients Say

“The proverbs 31 woman is a must read for every single lady and married woman. There is a lot of wisdom to glean from.

As a single lady , I have learnt to be a woman of virtue and substance in my relationship and ultimately my marriage.

People carry who they are and their personalities into marriage. In this book, I have learnt also that working on yourself can assure you a safe landing.

Thank you so much Mama Eno for putting up this piece, it has transformed me and I’m sure several others”.

Adebola Gbadegesin
Lagos, nigeria

“As I began reading your book the first chapter just got me stuck. The deep revelation of what a ‘virtuous woman’ means got me praying even without knowing. The understanding of the dimension of power I carry as a woman just got clearer. Your reference to Jesus’ response after the woman with the issue of blood touched his garment got me praying. I just kept on praying in tongues.

I celebrate you ma for putting this book together. My prayer is that I won’t recover from the revelation I got from chapter one titled, ‘A Woman of Power’. I believe as I read on I’m in for a shift”.

Abimbola Ayodele
Abia, nigeria

“The book is an all encompassing package for every woman who is going somewhere in life and destiny.

I wanted to glance through and then read later at night but then my eyes glued to the pages till I got to chapter 5. It’s rich, loaded and even worth more than price.

Thanks for writing such an amazing book”.

Ezinne Kazi

“I opened up the book to read and for two days straight I was glued to the amazing content of this book.

I must say Mama made this book the most practical book ever. You know how you read the bible and think it’s a deep mystery that cannot be comprehended immediately, that’s how I felt the proverbs 31 woman was untill I came across the book.

I love the practical steps which took me by the hand on the journey on being a proverbs 31 woman. The challenges I must say was a huge step into being a better woman to Every man around me.

This book made me realize that in our century you can be exactly that woman God talked about in the Bible. Cutting different spheres in life, wether it’s career, ministry or business and even lifestyle.

Thank you mama. I recommend this book to every one who seeks to become a good woman especially in Character and Personal Development, Ministry and Family inclusive.

This is a book that should be used to evaluate every woman life as least quarterly every year.

Remain blessed MaMa.

You are the Best”.

Magdalene Kalu

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